Stainless Steel Wall Mount Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps


Bebco is very proud to apply an ETL Certification Mark to all Model WAC & WHP Wall Mount Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps we manufacture for use in Hazardous Areas!  This third-party independent certification of integrity serves to validate our primary goal of providing you with a durable and proven product that will perform safely to satisfy your specific room cooling and heating applications.

We’re also very proud to extend a 2 Year Parts and Labor Unit Warranty for these exceptionally well engineered products, that includes field service and replacement provisions!  And if you select our Total Coat Process, you’ll receive a 5 Year Coil & Tube Coating Warranty!

We back our products with third-party certification and the most extensive warranties on the market!

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Units designed for use in Hazardous Areas
are ETL certified for use in
Class I, Division 2, Group A-D Areas
& Class I, Zone 2, Group IIB Areas
with a T3 Temperature Class Rating!

Units featuring GG Controls are classified as Ordinary Location HVAC Devices and provided with Original Factory Certification Markings.

Third Party Certification

Bebco Model WAC and WHP Products for Hazardous Areas are listed under Intertek’s ETL Certification program for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups A-D hazardous (classified) locations, in full compliance with all applicable US & Canadian Standards. Model WAC and WHP Units are also certified by the unit’s original manufacturer to comply with applicable room air conditioner requirements of CSA C22.2 and Underwriters Laboratories Standard 484.

Independent certification of product integrity, rigorous quality assurance and extensive testing of all Units ensures compliance with all applicable Canadian and USA electrical safety standards and HVAC performance requirements!

View our Certificate and contact us for more information!

Click the button below to view the ETL Approval to Apply Mark Certificate for our Bebco Model WAC and WHP Explosion Proof Wall Mount Explosion Proof Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps!

ETL Aproval to apply mark certificate

The Industry’s Most
Comprehensive Warranty!


All Bebco Model WAC & WHP Products are warranted against any defects in workmanship and materials for twelve (12) months upon shipment, with an additional six (6) month warranty extension period for OEMs to permit integration, factory acceptance testing and shipment to the End User.

This warranty provides all necessary parts and labor or a replacement unit upon determination of product defect. By proper registration using the on-line form available below or other prescribed methods, End-Users can obtain an additional six (6) month warranty that covers factory unit repair or warranty parts replacement.

We begin with the best platform to offer the industry’s best warranty!

We begin with America’s most respected and certified commercial brand Units.

We then enhance them to be the most durable and serviceable series of Wall Mount AC and Heat Pump Units available in the U.S.A.!

Click the button below for complete details regarding the industry’s most extensive warranty and please contact a Bebco Sales Associate to learn even more (like an underlying 5 year compressor warranty that may be extended in some applications)!

Domestic Warranty Terms & Conditions

Our Standard Spray-Coat Process

Our Total Coat Process

coil coating Warranty OPTIONS

Bebco Standard WAC & WHP Unit Spray-Coat Process Coatings are warranted against any defects in workmanship and materials for two (2) years upon shipment. This warranty covers all necessary materials and labor to restore the coating. However, please note validity of claims requires reasonable proof of routine preventive maintenance to keep the coils clean and repair any minor defects in the coating such as chips, minor cracks and scratches, which may occur over time during the service life.

As an industry leader, Bebco also offers a Total Coat Process, with an amazing 5 Year Warranty! 

If this option is selected at time of order, the coils are removed, dip-coated, oven-baked and reconnected to the refrigerant lines that are then coated to seal the entire system.  The compressor, which most coil coating manufacturers recommend against coating is instead separately coated with a Bright Red Marine Grade Epoxy Enamel Paint.  Chemically engineered to bond perfectly with pre-painted surfaces, this paint is designed and certified to withstand the rigors of high temperatures and off-shore applications!  

We remove the entire refrigerant system from the chassis to apply our coatings under extremely controlled, quality assurance procedures.

Our unique process ensures 100% bonded coverage that’s unequalled in the industry!

You need only select the level of protection you prefer!

Click the button below for complete details regarding the industry’s most extensive warranty and please contact a Bebco Sales Associate for more insights about how we can best meet your needs!

Coil Coating Warranty Terms & Conditions