Hazardous Rated HVAC Systems Maintenance & Repair Services

Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance and Repairs for all Industrial-Duty HVAC Units!

Maintenance Benefits

The benefits of using Bebco to supplement or provide a total and effective preventive maintenance program are immeasurable in many respects, especially for industrial or hazardous location HVAC units which by their nature are exponentially more expensive to purchase and repair, as compared to their residential or commercial counterparts.

Additionally, our preventive maintenance programs also yield a significant number of advantages, by tracking trends of component degradation, reducing overall wear, increasing overall energy efficiency, maintaining efficient performance and preventing unnecessary contamination of a work space.

Unit & Air Filter Maintenance

All preventive maintenance procedures begin with cleaning the unit if necessary, replacing disposable intake and return air filters and carefully cleaning washable filters. Beyond ensuring a clean workspace environment, clean filters greatly enhance unit performance, reduce the number of operating cycles tremendously, and also prevent contamination of fan blades and blower wheels, which can otherwise lead to premature corrosion and failure of these critical components.

Performance Measurements

Our Comprehensive and Detailed Procedures include the critical task of measuring current consumption of all compressors and motors to detect early signs of critical or premature failure. Our Annual Procedure also includes the more often than not overlooked tasks of measuring the rotation speed of all fans and blower wheels and checking the torque of all compressor, motor fan and blower wheel mounts.

Component Examinations

Our Comprehensive and Detailed Procedures provide detailed examinations of all moving and static parts. Foremost, our technicians perform detailed examinations of all coils, refrigerant tubing, motors, blower wheels and fans, compressors, all electrical components, all wiring and the overall housing to detect any signs of excessive wear, vibration, corrosion and other forms of structural or mechanical deterioration.

Our procedures also include examination of all dampers and louvers, associated ducts, all sensors and routine maintenance such as the cleaning of drain pans and the application of antimicrobial solutions in the drain pans to prevent the development of health-hazard mold or bacteria.

Electrical & Refrigerant System Maintenance

Finally, as one of the most crucial aspects of our preventive maintenance procedures, Bebco also performs extremely detailed examinations of contactor and relay contacts to detect early signs of burned or pitted surfaces, detailed examinations of all capacitors to detect early signs of swelling or leaking, and UV light optical inspections of all refrigerant system joints to detect early signs of corrosion and refrigerant leaks.

Piece of Mind…

The most significant benefit is never worrying about keeping your facility buildings cool, comfortable and productive, year around….

The Backstory of SN 14E-9818…

This is Unit Serial Number 14E-9818.  It was manufactured by Bebco Industries, Incorporated in 2014 and later installed by others in a Texas Gulf Coast chemical plant, while our Corporation was still a division of that company.

When the opportunity came, we were honored to perform the very first preventive maintenance procedure on this unit in 2020, after 6 years of continuous service.  As you can see in this picture, it got a good scrubbing, and it’s looking pretty good!

Time had taken it’s toll, so our initial restoration efforts were extensive, but now that it’s under our care, decommissioning is not scheduled until 2032. 

– That’s an  eighteen year lifespan the client can rely upon for dependable service!