75 - 25 Ton Vertical Wall-Mount HVAC Units


Bebco Model WAC/WHP Wall Mount Air Conditioners are ideal for analyzer shelters, control rooms, motor control centers or equipment rooms. They are also suitable for switchgear buildings, variable frequency drive, battery or uninterruptable power supply rooms and other high heat load or utility buildings where a quantity of one or more units can work in tandem or as redundant units to provide critical cooling.

Our wall mount units can be furnished as unclassified location or hazardous classified location explosion proof air conditioners. This option makes them ideally suited for use on laboratories, sample conditioning or preparation rooms in hazardous classified locations and single or multiple room structures used for guard stations, shelter-in-place havens, personnel quarters and other special structures that may be located in unclassified locations.

Regardless of their application, fully integrated condenser and evaporator compartments in a single exterior mount housing is very pragmatic. The ease of their installation, operation and service makes them ideal for the walls of both permanent and portable structures that are equipped with adequate mechanical supports.

Their flexible options, including stainless steel housings, integrated pressurization or ventilation systems and deep-bed gas phase chemical filtration also makes our wall mount air conditioners ideal for highly corrosive and industrial site applications, both on-shore and off-shore.

Consider our unclassified and explosion proof hazardous classified location wall mount air conditioners as an ideal solution for many applications; especially where recirculation is preferred, a reasonable area of wall space is available, and service related access to their external housing is practical.

This motor control center is supplied with two redundant hazardous location 25 ton commercial grade air conditioners supplied with a common pressurizer that features two variable speed redundant pressurization fans, isolation dampers, air intake filters and replaceable gas phase filtration cartridges.

To ensure safe operation, the stack is equipped with detectors that deenergize the pressurizers and activate alarms upon detection of combustible or hydrogen sulfide gases.

This Control Room features two redundant hazardous location 5 ton economy grade air conditioners and a common pressurizer with flexible duct connections, a single fan and independent air intake filters.

A wall mount interior control panel features independent thermostats, a manual lead-lag transfer switch and programmable automatic transfer switch. As requested, the pressurizer features a front side connection for a Bebco rigid fresh air intake pipe stack.

This Switchgear & VFD Building is located in an unclassified area, but generates tremendous heat. This pair of 20 ton commercial grade air conditioners, along with another pair on the opposite side of the building provide regulated cooling force as more switchgear is added and brought on-line.

A common control panel (not shown) monitors and controls all units from a central point, and a single filtered make-up air unit blower (not shown) complements this installation.

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