Hazardous Rated HVAC Systems Maintenance & Repair Services

Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance and Repairs for all Industrial-Duty HVAC Units!


Many studies have proven preventive maintenance programs are less expensive over time, as compared to emergency repairs. However, Bebco believes traditional preventive maintenance programs with fixed pricing are extremely cost prohibitive for many Clients.

Therefore, Bebco offers unique cost limiting options that are designed to assure your investment in our programs are equitable and worthwhile.

The cost of our Preventive Maintenance Programs consists of four basic elements, and you’ll never be subjected to hidden fees or unanticipated costs, as follows and explained in more detail below:

Travel Charges

$0.58 per Mile + Hourly Rate for Technicians

To provide the lowest possible cost for transportation, Bebco charges a rate of $0.58 per mile, plus the Hourly Rate for each Technician.

An estimated cost can be easily calculated using any route planning tool, to derive the miles from our service center to the address of your facility, along with the estimated driving time.

Mileage and hour rates will also apply to secure any parts or supplies that could not be anticipated.  However, if our technicians must stay more than one day to complete approved services, mileage and hourly rates per technician to travel between a local hotel and the job site are waived, if the driving time is less than fifteen minutes. You therefore never pay an unreasonable flat trip rate, nor do you pay mileage or hourly rates for anything other than necessary service-related driving time.

Estimated Per-Diem Charges

$56.00 – $62.00 per Day per Technician + Lodging at Cost

Per-Diem charges apply when the distance to your facility exceeds 150 miles or when the combination of preventive maintenance procedures, regular service or emergency service exceeds 10 hours, including travel time. In these circumstances, Bebco will provide a proposal including the per-diem cost per technician, plus estimated lodging expenses, at our cost.

The range of estimated cost covers meals and incidental expenses, as established by the U.S. General Services Administration and based upon your job site’s zip code, which can be easily verified at the following Government Services Administration (GSA) website link: Daily Per-Diem Rates

Please note while the charges expressed above are only an estimate, Technician lodging, transportation expenses for rental cars and airfare are billed at actual cost. To verify these expenses, we will be pleased to provide bill and invoice statements to verify these costs, upon request.

Service Charges

$90.00 – $120.00 per Hour per Technician

Since many factors affect the cost of providing preventive maintenance procedures and routine or emergency repair services, we offer this hourly rate to accommodate discounts for multiple units, expeditious performance of service, or in contrast, any delays or impediments to unit access.

As an exception, Bebco appreciates and respects your facility’s concerns to maintain a safe environment. We therefore extend a credit of up to 2 hours per technician for safety orientations and preemptive site-specific training. This credit is provided so your investment to train us is matched by our commitment to become fully capable of providing services safely!

Materials & Parts Charges

Our Cost + 10%

Bebco provides estimated man-hours and a fully detailed bill of material with a 10% markup for recommended repair service along with our Inspection Report, after each procedure is completed. You’ll then be requested to authorize those repairs prior to the performance of that additional service.

Material and parts charges will include freight costs, expediting fees, procurement costs and handling fees for any non-stocked items. Bebco will also charge reduced in-house labor rates as required, to pre-assemble and test mechanical parts and assemblies. This additional preparation ensures the components we bring will perform properly after they are installed.

However, as an added benefit to using Bebco, please note that disposable air filters and supplies required to complete comprehensive, detailed and basic preventive maintenance procedures are provided free of charge!