75 - 25 Ton Vertical Wall-Mount HVAC Units


Bebco Wall-Mount HVAC Units provide self-contained solutions for climate control and critical cooling and heating to maintain a stable environment for buildings located in industrial or highly corrosive areas and Class I, Division 1 or 2 or Zone 1 or 2 Hazardous Locations. They are available in sizes ranging from 1-50 tons, and can feature an ETL limited product certification on request!

In addition, these units may also feature fully integrated variable-speed pressurization systems to create an unclassified location within your building and gas phase chemical filtration systems to remove a broad range of corrosive or toxic contaminants from makeup air sources.

We can supply these wall-mount HVAC units in multiple configurations and styles to provide for very economical or highly corrosion-resistant cases. They can be configured with standard supply and return airflow or reverse flow characteristics essential for switchgear buildings, and all units can be furnished with ultra-smart technology and touch screens to provide highly responsive control and pin-point on board diagnostics.

Moreover, to accommodate your most demanding applications, two units can be integrated into a single case to provide standby, lead-lag and redundant units, all with integrated on board controls. We can also provide turnkey installation of ductwork as required to condition larger or multi-room structures.

And finally, regardless of whether you select an Economy or Commercial Grade Case, you’ll receive cutting edge serviceability with optional features such as integrated pressurization and gas phase filtration systems, slide-out condenser fan assemblies, and rear slide-out or front grill integrated control systems.

As you’ll discover by reviewing this website section, Bebco has carefully benchmarked every competitive product on the world market, and achieved new standards in excellence, serviceability and performance!