Corrosive Area HVAC Systems Maintenance & Repair Services

Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance and Repairs for all Industrial-Duty HVAC Units!

Bebco respects your need to understand what repairs are required, prior to our performance of maintenance. We then understand your need for us to provide services safely and efficiently!

Preparation & Expectations

Bebco Technicians will come to your job site fully prepared to receive any necessary safety orientations at our expense and perform the prescribed preventive maintenance procedures. Delays in access to the units which may be caused by operations, inclement weather and other circumstances beyond the Technician’s control are considered billable, so please be sure that all management, safety and operation personnel are fully briefed and prepared to provide immediate unencumbered access to the HVAC units.

Service may require provisions such as scaffolds, and hot work permits, which should be prepared well in advance of our Technician’s arrival. For instance, in order to perform comprehensive or detailed service procedures, power must remain established to the units to facilitate key performance measurements and the Bebco Technicians should be pre-approved to remove and reapply power to the units as required.

Anticipated Service Times

Preventive maintenance procedures should be anticipated to require no less than the following estimated man-hours:

  • Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Procedures:    10-12 Hours/Unit
  • Detailed Preventive Maintenance Procedures:    6-8 Hours/Unit
  • Basic Preventive Maintenance Procedures:     4-6 Hours/Unit

Phase 1 – Detailed Evaluation

Prior to performing any service, Bebco will first evaluate your HVAC unit and create a detailed inspection report. Our report will then be presented to the designated on site contact upon completion of the evaluation, outlining all performance measurements (if necessary) and all recommended repair services.

Phase 2 – Service Performance

Upon authorization, Bebco will then proceed with repair services or schedule the services at another time, depending upon material and parts availability and the nature and scope of the service required. When repairs are complete, another report detailing all performance measurements and service provided will be provided to close the service event.