Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance and Repairs for all Industrial-Duty HVAC Units!

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Service Capabilities

  • We Maintain all Makes, Models & Brands
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  • We’re Fully Certified & Trained for Industrial Facilities
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  • We Provide Service Ranges from 100 Miles to 750 Miles & Beyond
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Bebco can provide complete refrigerant and electrical control system HVAC repair and maintenance services ranging from numerous preventive maintenance procedures to extensive emergency repair services, including coil, tubing, compressor, fan, and blower replacement to total rewiring if necessary.

We understand the importance of HVAC repair and maintenance services for your businesses. When you work in a hazardous location, malfunctioning HVAC equipment that cools an analyzer building can force units to be shutdown. In a building with fumes and no working ventilation fans, you’ll have to send all your workers home.  And in a completely climate-controlled building with perishable items, you can lose many if not all of those valuable assets. That is why Bebco Environmental has made it our number one priority to assist our clients in HVAC repair and maintenance as soon as we possibly can to protect your assets and give you peace of mind.

To meet your critical demands, Bebco maintains a broad stock of spare parts for many makes and models of industrial duty air conditioners and has a vast network of sources to obtain emergency replacement parts, most within only a few hours or overnight, depending on the rarity and origin of the unit.

Our Clients say it best….

“Hey Mike, I want to thank you and your team on providing emergency service work for BASF. In these tough times, where heavy restrictions have been placed, having your team ready to respond helps put my mind at ease. I appreciate the detail and professional work you’ve done for me in the past and look forward to continuing working with you in the future.”

– Shane Matherne, CRCM HVAC Reliability Engineer, BASF

Expertise, Specialization, Safety Certification & Service Ranges


Any Make, Brand or Model…

Due to our vast range of product knowledge, Bebco can provide extensive service across the full spectrum of industrial applications, for the following HVAC units:

  • Window & Through-Wall HVAC Units

  • Wall Mounted HVAC & Chiller Units

  • Pad Mounted HVAC & Chiller Units

  • Pressurization & Ventilation Units

  • Split & Roof Mounted HVAC Units

  • Enclosure & Cabinet HVAC Units

  • Gas Phase Filtration Units

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We specialize in servicing DX Refrigerant System Units in Hazardous (Classified) Locations!



Bebco Technicians are fully certified to work in the American Petro-Chemical Industry, and are certified by numerous organizations.  They are routinely screened, carry TWIC Cards, and are carefully trained under a number of specific programs to qualify them for working in an industrial environment.


As our most important partner in safety, we proudly engage Lancaster Safety Consulting, Incorporated to train and certify all technicians under a rigid and fully documented safety program.


Bebco Environmental Controls Corporation shall continuously promote and maintain a safe work environment for our workforce, clients, vendors and visitors, and create a positive and participative focus on safety and health as a core goal of our business, extending from our facility to every worksite we visit, to benefit our clients, workforce, families and the community.

Please visit our Safety Programs & Insurance Page or contact a Bebco Sales Associate for more details regarding our Safety & Risk Management Programs…

Service RANGES

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Bebco can provided preventive maintenance and repair services within a 100 mile radius from our facility in La Marque Texas at standard travel rates on an expedited same-day basis with a pre-approved emergency repair authorization.


We can also provide next day services within a 250 mile radius from our facility at standard travel rates with a pre-approved emergency repair authorization..


From a 250 to 750 mile radius and beyond from our facility, Bebco can provide scheduled maintenance and repair services at special reduced travel rates. 


Please contact a Bebco Sales Associate for more information regarding our Ranges and Offshore Emergency Repair and Maintenance Services…