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Your ultimate source for explosion-proof air conditioners, building pressurization units, gas phase filtration systems, and fully integrated wall, pad and split system hazardous and industrial climate control solutions!
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Hazardous Rated Through Wall & Window Mount Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

Model TAC & THP
Through Wall & Window Mount
Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

Standard Features

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Bebco Through Wall Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Units are designed and manufactured with a wide range of options to meet your exact needs and specifications. As covered in detail under our Optional Features Section, these options include our exclusive Eco Cool™, Eco Pump™, Smart Pump™ and Smart Cool™ Control Systems. However, a significant number of standard features are incorporated in all units, depending on their configuration, to ensure our products provide the highest level of quality on the market.

Among our many standard features, we've highlighted some of the most recognizable below, so you'll understand the level of quality instilled in all Bebco Split System Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Units.

Please review these standard features and feel free to contact a Bebco Sales Associate to gain a deeper understanding of how these aspects of construction will ensure a lifetime of superior performance and ensure your total satisfaction!

Bebco Model TAC & THP Through Wall Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps include unique standard
features which significantly enhance performance and ensure years of trouble-free service!

  Standard Through Wall Unit Features
Bebco provides Condensate Control Systems on Most Through Wall Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps!

ADVANCED CONDENSATE CONTROL SYSTEM - Provided with most Bebco Through Wall Units
A Condensate Control System is featured on most Bebco Through Wall Model TAC Air Conditioners and Model THP Heat Pumps. The system is formed as a long loop of hot gas refrigerant tubing that lies flat in the bottom of the chassis condensation pan.

This tubing is pre-heated by hot refrigerant gas as it returns from the evaporator and enters the pan. This hot loop of tubing boils condensate as it collects in the pan; and the resulting water vapor is dissipated by the condenser blower and discharged to the surrounding environment.

Contact a Bebco Sales Associate for more information regarding this essential performance enhancing feature!

Bebco provides Service Ports and Pressure Switches with all Through Wall Units featuring Smart Cool™ and Smart Pump™ Controls!

SERVICE PORTS & ADVANCED REFRIGERANT SYSTEM - Provided with all Smart Cool™ and Smart Pump™ Controls
When Smart Cool™ and Smart Pump™ Controls are selected, Low and High Refrigerant Pressure Switches are provided to protect the compressor by disengaging the compressor motor upon detection of insufficient or excessive refrigerant pressures. These switches provide diagnostic inputs for our control interface, to alert you to critical performance issues! All units feature Hi-Efficiency Rotary Compressors to provide closed-loop cooling with minimum energy use.

Bebco utilizes Industrial Grade Wire Termination Ferrules & Lugs!

INDUSTRIAL GRADE WIRE TERMINATION FERRULES & LUGS - Provided with all Bebco Through Wall Units
Bebco utilizes crimped wire ferrules, ring lugs, spade lugs, female quick disconnect lugs and multi-pin plugs to provide high-quality industrial duty wiring terminations on all Bebco Hazardous and Corrosive Area Through Wall Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Units. The result is positive continuity, durable wiring connections and years of trouble-free service. In particular, our wire ferrules eliminate potential stranded wire shorts and end frays and simplify component replacement and circuitry analysis!

Bebco provides Indelible Exterior Labels & Vinyl Interior Labels!

INDELIBLE EXTERIOR LABELS & VINYL INTERIOR LABELS - Provided with all Bebco Through Wall Units
Bebco produces all exterior and interior product labels in-house, to ensure maximum durability and quality. Production of exterior labels begins with development of high resolution graphic art, application of solid color film layers to transfer the graphics and lamination of 3M™ VHB™ High Bond Industrial Duty double-sided tape to the rear surface of 3M™ 8B35 Lexan™ 10 mil Matte Finish Sheeting. The result is a totally indelible label which is not only highly resistant to most chemicals, but also UV ray and water resistant, to ensure our labels never fade, peel or become illegible! Vinyl labels are produced with the same equipment but are utilize only to label internal devices.

3M, VHB & Lexan are registered trademarks of the 3M Company.

Bebco provides highly detailed Installation & Operation Manuals!

To complement your Bebco Hazardous and Corrosive Area Through Wall Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Units, we produce custom Installation and Operation Manuals with each unit to provided an extensive level of details.

Going well beyond a basic or generic document, we provide specific sections covering each aspect of your product, including detailed installation instructions, interior component layout images, major accessory and option details, complete wiring information, a detailed troubleshooting guide, specific views of all Control Unit Touch-Screens with operating instructions as applicable and more!

Contact a Bebco Sales Associate for a copy of our Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual at any time!

  Bebco provides a comprehensive explanation of our most easily recognized
standard features so you can quickly evaluate the amazing value of our
Hazardous Location Through Wall Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps!

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