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Refinery Area Split System Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

Model SAC & SHP
Split System
Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

Specs, Certification & Warranty

explosion-proof mini-split air conditioners, explosion-proof mini-split heat pumps - Bebco explosion proof <!-- ETL Listed --> Model SAP and SHP mini-split and split-system air conitioner and heat pump units for hazardous duty classified areas and hazardous locations

Clearance Requirements

The following data and diagram indicate "free space" clearances around our units that are essential to proper operation.
Please contact a Bebco Sales Associate for more information or clarifications, if required.

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Model SAC & SHP Hazardous Location Split System Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Clearance Requirements
Minimum clearances are critical
to ensure proper unit operation


Provide minimum clearances on all sides as noted below
for Model SAC and SHP Evaporator and Condenser Units
to achieve proper airflow, permit electrical connections,
permit refrigerant tubing connections and accommodate
maintenance service access.

Condenser Units
Twenty Inches (20") on Top Side
Three to Four Feet (3' - 4') on Front Side
Twelve to Fifteen Inches (12"- 15") on Left, Right, & Rear Sides

Evaporator Units
Two Inches (2") minimum on Top Side
Three to Four Feet (3' - 4') on Front Side
Six to Twelve Inches (6" - 12") on Left, Right & Bottom Sides*

* Provide Twelve Inches (12") Minimum on Bottom Side,
when Hard-Wired Controller is Mounted to Evaporator Unit

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