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Your ultimate source for explosion-proof air conditioners, building pressurization units, gas phase filtration systems, and fully integrated wall, pad and split system hazardous and industrial climate control solutions!
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Roof-Mounted Air Conditioner and Heat Pump

Model RAC & RHP
Roof Mount
Roof-Mounted Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps


ETL listed explosion-proof roof mount air conditioners and heat pumps, hazardous location roof mount hvac units, listed roof mount air conditoners and heat pumps, certified roof mount hvac units, hazardous location explosion proof roof-mount air conditioners and heat pumps

Easy installation, flexible control options,
corrosion resistant cases and refrigerant system coatings provide a versatile and cost effective
solution for your application!

As a roof mounted air conditioner or heat pump, Bebco Model RAC & RHP Units require no critical wall space!!

Bebco Roof Mount units are ideal for
data loggers, labs, crane cabins and kiosks!

Bebco Eco Pump™ and Eco Cool™ Controls provide diagnostic codes and tilt down for easy setting adjustments!

Eco Pump™ Controls protect spaces
that are Pressurized or Unclassified!

Bebco Smart Pump&trade and Smart Cool™ Controls provide onboard diagnostics and a fail-safe alarm contact!

Smart Pump™ Controls protect spaces
that are rated as Classified Areas

Bebco Model RAC and RHP Units are suitable for any environment, from passive onshore refineries to harsh offshore oil rigs!

Bebco offers economical Polycarbonate
and corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Cases!

The addition of our premier Adsil®, Heresite® or Modine® Coil Coatings ensure years of service in the harshest environments!

Bebco Premier Coil Coatings protect your
unit in highly corrosive environments!

Bebco Model RAC & RHP Eco Cool™, Eco Pump™, Smart Cool™, and Smart Pump™ Roof-Mounted Air Conditioners are self-contained, ETL Listed, roof-mount, hazardous location climate control units with all necessary components to recirculate temperature-controlled and humidity-limited air within a room or building.

Bebco Model RAC & RHP Roof-Mounted Air Conditioners are designed for industrial or highly corrosive environments and are offered as 13,000 BTUH Air Conditioners with Eco Cool™ or Smart Cool™ Controls and 15,000 BTUH Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps with Eco Cool™, Eco Pump™, Smart Cool™, or Smart Pump™ Controls!

Both Units operate on 115 VAC single phase 60 hertz power sources and they are supplied with a case, chassis, curb flange gasket, a ceiling mounted grille and all hardware to complete installation. The grille features an economical tilt-down control for pressurized or unclassified rooms or an intuitive touch-screen control for rooms that are rated as Class I, Division 2, Group B, C and D, or that contain a flammable source of gases or vapors.

RAC and RHP units feature two compartments. The condenser compartment is exposed to exterior atmosphere and contains the condenser coil, compressor, and two motors that drive the evaporator blower wheel and condenser fan. The evaporator compartment is sealed from exterior atmosphere, and contains the evaporator coil, blower wheel, grille assembly, and electronic controls. In full compliance with all applicable EPA Standards, cooling is achieved using R-410a refrigerant.

EC style Units feature a polycarbonate case, with a painted steel base and galvanized chassis parts for passive to mildly corrosive atmospheres. CS and CS style Units feature 304 or 316 stainless steel cases, bases and chassis parts for moderate to highly corrosive atmospheres. Optional CS or CX case, base and chassis coatings are also offered, along with our premier coil and refrigerant tubing coatings for superior corrosive environment protection.

Eco Cool™ and Eco Pump™ Controls
provide coded diagnostics and easy
adjustment of room temperature,
the fan and operating modes!

Smart Cool™ and Smart Pump™ Controls
provide intuitive diagnostics, low and high
room temperature alarms, a red flashing fault
screen, and a fail-safe alarm contact to activate
local or remote alarm devices!

Eco Cool™, Eco Pump™, Smart Cool™ & Smart Pump™
Units Provide Superior Solutions to meet your exact needs!

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