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Classified Area HVAC Systems Maintenance & Repair Services

Maintenance &
Repair Services

Routine & Emergency Services

Bebco HVAC Unit Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services

Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance and
Repairs for all Industrial-Duty HVAC Units!

Bebco understands the difference between an emergency and routine maintenance, and maintains close contact with all Service Agreement Clients, to ensure their need for timely attention to details are satisfied. We typically have emergency crews on standby to make sure service can be provided very quickly without notice, and ensure all maintenance vehicles are fully provisioned and ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

As we grow, and add more service vehicles to our fleet, we will strive to ensure the number of contracts we assume never overreach our capabilities. Ensuring your satisfaction with our services is the key to that pledge.

Our Service Fleet is fully maintained and provisioned to meet any challenge!

Routine Service Capabilities

Routine services are performed upon your authorization and in many cases, our Technicians will have all materials and parts to conduct the following procedures during their service call, or during their next regularly scheduled maintenance call. In either case, since these services are predicated upon preventing rather than addressing unit failures, the cost of routine service is typically far less than emergency repair services, and can include maintenance, repairs and component replacement, as follows:

  • Compressor replacement

  • Contractor and relay replacement

  • Thermal expansion valve replacement

  • Housing corrosion and coating repairs

  • Electrical system replacement or rewiring

  • Fan blade, blower wheel or motor replacement

  • Coil and refrigerant (upon significant deterioration)

  • Thermostat and gas, airflow or humidity sensor replacement

Emergency Repair Service Capabilities

Despite best efforts to exercise an effective preventive maintenance program, emergency services can be extremely vital, especially when an HVAC unit’s failure halts production or disrupts critical refining processes.

Bebco therefore offers prompt emergency repair services for HVAC Units, along with pressurization ventilation and gas phase filtration systems, regardless of their origin.

Dependant on the issue and distance from our service center, technicians and all necessary parts can usually be dispatched within 12-48 hours of notification, and in extremely critical instances, our in-house stock of HVAC Units can also be utilized to provide emergency replacement units when repairs are not an option due to catastrophic events such as severe mechanical damage, fire, flood, lightning, sabotage or vandalism.

Emergency services most frequently focus on the following aspects of HVAC unit component repair or replacement, regardless of cause or origin:

  • Entire unit replacement

  • Compressor replacement

  • Contactor and relay replacement

  • Thermal expansion valve replacement

  • Electrical system replacement or rewiring

  • Coil and refrigerant line replacement or repair

  • Fan blade, blower wheel or motor replacement

  • Thermostat and gas, airflow or humidity sensor replacement

  • Unit startup, acceptance testing and recommissioning

Bebco Environmental Controls Corporation
Physical Address: 4725 Lawndale Street, La Marque, Texas 77568
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 68 Hitchcock, Texas 77563
Phone: (844) 397-4822     |   Fax: (409) 935-5819
Office Hours:
 8 AM to 5 PM CST, Monday - Friday
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