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Industrial Duty HVAC Systems Maintenance & Repair Services

Maintenance &
Repair Services


Bebco HVAC Unit Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services

Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance and
Repairs for all Industrial-Duty HVAC Units!

By selecting a suitable program, users can
assume some responsibilities, or allow
Bebco to provide all aspects of a viable
preventive maintenance program.

Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance is the most cost effective procedure you can implement to ensure your HVAC units continue to operate in a safe, efficient and reliable manner over their extended lifespan.

In contrast, failure to perform preventive maintenance will effectively reduce the lifespan and reliability of your HVAC units and likely void many aspects of your unit’s product warranty, regardless of it’s origin.

However, beyond the basic maintenance of changing air filters, HVAC units containing a combination of refrigerant systems, motors, fans, electronics, and other very unique components which should only be serviced by carefully trained and highly specialized HVAC maintenance technicians.

Bebco therefore offers three standard preventive maintenance programs or custom tailored programs to satisfy your specific needs. All programs include procedures to replace air filters, inspect and clean critical components, assess performance, verify critical functions and issue a detailed report that includes performance measurements and recommendations for both routine and critical component repairs and replacement.

  • Annual Program

    Our Annual Program provides one comprehensive maintenance procedure per year, followed by all recommended repairs and service you authorize.

    At a minimum, this program requires the client’s maintenance staff to perform basic maintenance procedures during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter of an annual service contract

    The Annual Program is recommended for non-essential HVAC Units that will not lead to any disruption of critical process or power control systems upon failure, such as guard stations, security centers, man-quarters or other non-critical or non-essential buildings or spaces.

  • Biannual Program

    Our Biannual Program provides one comprehensive maintenance procedure and one detailed maintenance procedure per year, both followed by all recommended repairs and service you authorize.

    At a minimum, this program requires the client’s maintenance staff to perform basic maintenance procedures during the 2nd, and 4th quarter of the annual service contract.

    The Biannual Program is recommended as a vital necessity for all HVAC units providing climate control in buildings or spaces such as command centers, shelter-in-place or safe-haven structures, and non-essential or secondary safety, fire control, pumping and metering stations.

  • Quarterly Program

    Our Quarterly Program provides one comprehensive maintenance procedure, one detailed maintenance procedure and two basic maintenance procedures per year, each followed by all recommended repairs and service you authorize.

    This program eliminates the client’s requirement to perform any maintenance. This program also includes a performance guarantee that provides any required emergency repair service free of charge, unless the cause of unit failure is due to external forces, such as any form of physical damage, electrical fault or inclement weather.

    The Quarterly Program is recommended for all HVAC units that provide climate control for rooms, buildings or spaces containing critical distributive or analyzer process controls, switchgear or variable frequency drives and essential safety, fire control, pumping and metering stations.

Bebco Technicians perform vital
Bebco Technicians perform vital maintenance services

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