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Your ultimate source for explosion-proof air conditioners, building pressurization units, gas phase filtration systems, and fully integrated wall, pad and split system hazardous and industrial climate control solutions!
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Classified Area Enclosure & Cabinet Air Conditioners

Model EAC
Air Conditioners

Standard Features

explosion proof ETL listed electrical and electronic enclosure and cabinet air conditioners for hazardous classified areas and locations

PLC Touch-Screen Controls

Bebco recognizes that our client's needs and preferences are stringent, so we provide the world's most advanced solid-state
electronic controls, featuring a PLC that provides on-board diagnostics and touch-screen controls.

The intuitive touch-screen displays system status and provides adjustment of a time delay setting for all alarm contacts
to prevent nuisance alarms. It also allows adjustment of cooling and heating set points, and displays the status of all
inputs and outputs along with low and high refrigerant pressures to facilitate diagnostics.  Special features include
an optional low ambient protection switch, an optional enclosure pressure switch to disengage optional integrated
heating elements, and a continuous manual fan mode to enhance enclosure convection heater functionality.

Model EAC Units also feature three fail-safe alarm contacts that may be independently programmed
to alert operators to low and high enclosure temperatures and Model EAC Unit performance faults,
along with a self-powered signal loop to permit remote emergency shut-down of the unit.

Basic PLC Control Screens
(for Units excluding Integrated or Convection Heaters)
Bebco Model EAC Basic PLC Touch-Screen Controls

Enhanced PLC Control Screens
(for Units including Integrated or Convection Heaters)
Bebco Model EAC Enhanced PLC Touch-Screen Controls
Click these images to learn more!
Basic & Enhanced PLC Touch-Screen Specifications
For Units with & without Integrated or Convection Heat
Provides cooling and heating set point controls, a Fan Only mode, multiple sensor condition displays, and extensive on-board diagnostics!







PLC I/O Status:
Alarm Screens:
Alarm Contacts:
Unit ESD Input:
316 Stainless Steel NEMA 4X Enclosure
with Die-Cut Silicone Gasket & Tool Latches
PLC Touch-Screen with Solid State Controls
Low & High Refrigerant Pressure Switches
Optional Low Ambient Protection Switch
Auto Cooling & Heating Mode Change-Over *
Optional Enclosure Pressure Switch **
Enclosure Temperature Sensor
Cooling & Heating Temperature Set Points
Low & High Temperature Alarm Set Points
Alarm Contact Time Delay Setting (in minutes)
Evaporator Fan Manual & Off Modes

Overall System Status (real-time)
Common Trouble & Unit Shutdown
Fan Motors & Refrigerant Pressures
Cooling, Heating & Low Ambient Protection
Enclosure Low & High Temperature Alarms
Enclosure Pressure Loss & Heater High Temp Limit **
Component Failures & Refrigerant Pressures
Low & High Enclosure Temperatures
Low Ambient Temperature Fault
Enclosure Pressure Loss & Heater High Temp Limit **
3 Normally Closed Contacts for Low Enclosure Temp,
High Enclosure Temp & Performance Fault Indication
2 Amps @ 24-240 VAC, (Fail-Safe, Open to Alarm)
(wire separately or in series to activate alarms)
24 VDC 2 ma Self-Powered Signal Loop Circuit
(open circuit by remote device to activate shutdown)
  *  Featured on Units with integrated heating elements or convection heaters.
**  Featured on Units with G2 Classification and integrated heating elements.

Bebco Model EAC Enclosure Air Conditioners provide the
most advanced control system for hazardous locations!

Easy mode control, extremely accurate temperature control, intuitive system diagnostics,
temperature alarm set points and alarm delay timer settings are all at your fingertips

Bebco Environmental Controls Corporation
Physical Address: 4725 Lawndale Street, La Marque, Texas 77568
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 68 Hitchcock, Texas 77563
Phone: (844) 397-4822     |   Fax: (409) 935-5819
Office Hours:
 8 AM to 5 PM CST, Monday - Friday
Please visit this site for NFPA 496 UL Classified Enclosure Purging Systems:
Best Purging Systems Corporation

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