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Your ultimate source for explosion-proof air conditioners, building pressurization units, gas phase filtration systems, and fully integrated wall, pad and split system hazardous and industrial climate control solutions!
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America's Best Explosion Proof Enclosure & Cabinet Air Conditioners

Model EAC
Air Conditioners

Model Number Matrix

The Model Number Segments below specify standard features and options for our Enclosure Air Conditioners.
Please note limitations to various selections apply as indicated by an asterisk and note number in red text.

Click question symbols below for more information on any particular item.

Typical Model Number:

1 - Case Style & Material
IC Industrial Duty NEMA 4 Carbon Steel
IS Industrial Duty NEMA 4 304 Grade Stainless Steel
IX Industrial Duty NEMA 4 316 Grade Stainless Steel
2 - Configuration
EAC Enclosure Air Conditioner
3 - Cooling Capacity
020 2,000 (0.16 Ton) 080   8,000 (0.66 Ton)
030 3,000 (0.25 Ton) 100 10,000 (0.83 Ton)
040 4,000 (0.33 Ton) 120 12,000 (1.00 Ton)
050 5,000 (0.41 Ton) 150 15,000 (1.25 Tons)
060 6,000 (0.50 Ton) 200 20,000 (1.60 Tons)
4 - Operating Voltage *1
Z 120 VAC Single Phase 60 Hz
A 208/230 VAC Single Phase 60 Hz
M 480 VAC Single Phase 60 Hz
5- Unit Classification
  1st digit indicates Interior Space Classification of Enclosure
2nd digit indicates Exterior Area Classification of Enclosure
G General Purpose (Unclassified)
2 Class I, Division 2, Group B, C & D, T3
6 - Integrated Heating Element or Convection Heater Power Cord *2
  For G2 or GG Unit Classifications
A 500 Watt Integrated Heating Element
B 1,000 Watt Integrated Heating Element
C 1,500 Watt Integrated Heating Element
X Excluded
  For 22 or 2G Unit Classifications
D 120 VAC 20 Amp Convection Heater Power Cord
E 240 VAC 20 Amp Convection Heater Power Cord
X Excluded
7 - Low Ambient Control & Refrigerant System Coating
Segment A:
Low Ambient Control
Segment B:
Refrigerant System Coating
L Included A Condenser Coil Only
X Excluded B Condenser & Evaporator Coils
    C Coils & Refrigerant Tubing
    X Excluded
8 - Vibration Resistance & Condenser Filter Type
Segment A:
Vibration Resistance
Segment B:
Condenser Filter Type
S Standard 1 Standard Capacity
E Enhanced 2 High Capacity
X Excluded    
9 - Case Finish *4
T ANSI 61 Gray Epoxy Coated (for IC Case Only)
N Brushed Finish (for IS & IX Case Styles only)
U Custom Finish

Please contact us for information regarding the purchase of individual
Evaporator or Condenser Units and the availability of Custom Units
with Cooling Capacities or Operating Voltages not listed above

1: 15,000 & 20,000 BTUH Units are not available with 120 VAC Operating Voltage.
2: 2,000 to 8,000 BTUH Units are not available with 1,500 Watt Integrated Heating Elements.
Unless otherwise designated, Refrigerant System Coating Option A is provided on all Units ordered with IS Style Case,
and Coating Option C is provided on all Units ordered with IX Style Case.
4: Please specify custom case finish in writing at time of order.
Please review our Convection Heaters Technical Bulletin for selection of this accessory.

Bebco Environmental Controls Corporation
Physical Address: 4725 Lawndale Street, La Marque, Texas 77568
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 68 Hitchcock, Texas 77563
Phone: (844) 397-4822     |   Fax: (409) 935-5819
Office Hours:
 8 AM to 5 PM CST, Monday - Friday
Please visit this site for NFPA 496 UL Classified Enclosure Purging Systems:
Best Purging Systems Corporation

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