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Your ultimate source for explosion-proof air conditioners, building pressurization units, gas phase filtration systems, and fully integrated wall, pad and split system hazardous and industrial climate control solutions!
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Management Associates

Executive Team

Mike Baucom, CEO

Mike Baucom
Chief Executive Officer

Blake Lacy, Executive Project Director

Blake Lacy
Executive Project Director

Beth Moody, Chief Financial Officer

Beth Moody
Chief Financial Officer

Sales Team

  Stacy Powell, Executive Sales Director

Stacy Powell
Executive Sales Director

Normand Miller, Vice President of Sales

Normand Miller
Vice President of Sales

  Stacy Sam, East Texas Regional Sales Manager

Stacy Sam
East Texas Regional Sales Manager

Allie Contreras, South Texas Regional Sales Manager

Allie Contreras
South Texas Regional Sales Manager

Jacie Wallace, Inside Sales Associate

Jacie Wallace
Inside Sales Associate

Jimmy Moody, Business Development Manager

Jimmy Moody
Business Development Manager

Michelle Curry, Estimating Manager

Michelle Curry
Estimating Manager

Support Team

Rian Broussard, Junior Application Specialist

Rian Broussard
Follow-Up Services Manager

Dudley Sheffield, Senior Product Specialist

Dudley Sheffield
Senior Product Specialist

Charlie Dostal, Customer Service Manager

Charlie Dostal
Customer Service Manager

Michael Baucom II, Project Director

Michael Baucom II
Project Director

Dwight Taylor, Inventory Control Manager

Dwight Taylor
Procurement Manager

Ryan Jones, Product Production Manager

Ryan Jones
Product Production Manager

  Mark Capehart, Senior Production Team Leader

Mark Capehart
Senior Production Team Leader


Bebco Environmental Controls Corporation
Physical Address: 4725 Lawndale Street, La Marque, Texas 77568
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 68 Hitchcock, Texas 77563
Phone: (844) 397-4822     |   Fax: (409) 935-5819
Office Hours:
 8 AM to 5 PM CST, Monday - Friday
Please visit this site for NFPA 496 UL Classified Enclosure Purging Systems:
Best Purging Systems Corporation

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