Engineering Specification Development

Explosion-Proof ETL Listed & Self-Certified Hazardous Location Climate Control Solutions Bebco Environmental Controls Corporation is dedicated to working with you in every way you deem necessary to develop a complete, detailed specification.  Give us a call, and we'll help clarify details, tighten up loose ends and ensures your project specifications are complete in all respects.

Our areas of expertise include Hazardous Location protection techniques, air conditioning, pressurization, ventilation, heating and gas phase filtration unit design and HVAC equipment packaging.  Do you have a question about building pressurization codes?  Do you need help developing a bid package specification for a redundant air conditioning system with lead-lag controls and gas phase filtration?

With thousands of hours in personal experience and hundreds of clients just like you, there's not much we haven't seen or done by now. We'll collaborate with you regardless of your time frame for commitment, and ask only that we have an opportunity to bid your project if we have viable products that can satisfy your unique applications.